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Super Food Local Harvest

Packed with the goodness of locally grown harvests like kale and super foods including: Hemp, Cacao, Buckwheat, and Sprouted Flax & Chia.

Low GI ~ Diabetic Friendly

Sweetened with B.C. apples, small farmed organic dates and fresh squeezed orange juice.
No refined sugar + sprouted protein = balanced blood sugar!

Made with LOVE!

We source only the highest quality Local and Organic ingredients, sustainably cultivated and grown as close to hOMe

Kid Approved!

"Thanks to hOMe Grown Living Food's generous donation of CHOCO Livies, each of our young yogis had a full, delicious and healthy gift bag at the end of yoga camp!  We hope to enjoy more next summer!"

Dana M ~ Founder of Child's Pose Yoga